Monday, 16 July 2018

The Slow Swap (Short Story)

This is the night I’ve been after. Tucked under the covers with my arms wrapped around my beautiful wife. I’m spent but satisfied, my waning erection nestled between her plump cheeks, as I drift off. My eye lids grow heavier and heavier as the warmth of being curled up in bed begins to overwhelm me. The world around me fading from sensation as the darkness of rest creeps in. The lights of whatever dreams may be coming begins to appear, swirls of pinks, aquas and violets, but this time it’s different. There is a white piercing light that begins to fill everything as the warmth continues to grow hotter. I go to move, to roll over in bed or something but I feel nothing. I try to budge but nothing is working. I grit my teeth and muster all my strength and give one final effort to free myself from the searing heat. I feel like I’ve been flung out of the bed and through the wall with great force, as lights speed around me, and I’m hurtling through space. For a brief moment of lucidity, I remember that I must be asleep, and this must be a strange dream.

There is deafening silence and I don’t recall finishing moving. I feel weightless and formless but the darkness is receding and I’m beginning to see images again. I’m shocked as I look down and see the body of a naked woman. I go to cover my eyes but once again, none of my body appears to respond, reminding me again this is probably nothing but a naughty dream. The female body writhes around in it’s sheets, lying alone on the bed, completely naked. Dream logic makes me afraid to feel like a voyeur when I know this is harmless and out of my control. As things become clearer I recognise the woman, or I should say “young woman” as it’s my daughter’s friend from college. Her name is Emily. She came to stay with us over one of the college breaks. A lovely girl and a very pretty one too.

Her eyes open suddenly, shocking me, and I almost expect to wake up. Two gorgeous brown eyes gazing at me as I feel like I’m drifting closer and closer to her. I’m floating a few feet above her and she’s still, eyes still pointed in my direction, but the gaze seems blank. I wonder what’s brought on this dream, trying to recall if I’d eaten dairy before going to bed. Suddenly life jumps back in to her face and she really is looking at me!

“Oh! You’re here early!” she says, staring at me. I say nothing letting the dream take its natural course but then, “I can see you, Mister Roth!”, she continues, “I’ll bet you think this is a dream, but I assure you that this is happening!”

She lays on her back, her bare breasts settling as she puts her hands behind her head, getting comfortable and still staring right at me.

“As your astral form becomes stronger, we’ll be able to talk a bit better,” she continues, “I’ll bet you never expected to see me like this! I’m told that even though your spirit is floating there, you can still feel the sensation of getting a boner, even though your body is across the country.”

This is getting strange and I make an attempt to adjust my hips. Despite my vision I can feel my hardening cock still resting against my wife’s back. This must be a dream.

“It’s not a dream!” she says on cue, “I’ve cast a spell and it’s brought your spirit here! We’re going to have some fun!”

She begins to take some deep breaths. In through her nostrils, her chest expanding and her breasts rising as she inhales, before breathing out and her generous melons gently coming back down. As she takes another breath her toned stomach tenses, subtle abs evident under her flawless skin. She pauses before a third breath the cool evening air rushing through her lungs before once again escaping across her pouty pink lips.

“After feeling nothing for so long, I’ll bet you’re wondering why you realized the air was ‘cool’ aren’t you?” she grins, and I realize that somehow I did feel her breathing!

I attempt to struggle or shake my body to wake myself up, and Emily writhes about on the bed too as if in sync with me.

“Oh! I felt that!” She giggles, “you’re definitely drawing closer to me. It’s happening much faster than I expected! I wonder what will happen if I try this?”

She snakes a hand down her stomach and I shiver with excitement. Her hand draws closer to the feminine mound between her legs, and in the darkness of the evening I can just make it out. Her fingers head in to the shadows and she lets out a gentle, satisfied moan. I feel it. I feel it too, right in my crotch. Electricity as I convulse from the alien sensation.

“What was that?!” I say, my mouth feeling dry but somehow my voice echoing.

“Oh! I can hear you now!” Emily exclaims excitedly, “our connection is growing deeper!”

“I don’t understand any of this, Emily!”

“No problem, Mister Roth,” she grins, “now that we can talk, I can explain this to you properly! I’ve cast a spell to switch our bodies! Your soul is slowly being pulled in to my body and bit by bit, I’m drifting over and in to your body. Oh! You’re curled up with Mrs Roth, right now!”

I’ve got to wake up. This dream is getting more and more bizarre, and I know Emily is just going to tell me that this isn’t a dream but is any of this even possible? This could just be one of those dreams which feels real. Emily knows what I’m thinking and she gyrates her hips in a little circle. As she moves I can feel my body grind up against my wife’s and she lets out a low “mmm” noise. I glance at Emily who gives me a smug “I told you so” look.

“I’m beginning to feel what you can feel,” she states, “and you’re beginning to feel what I can.”

She places her fingers over her nipples and massages gentle circles around them, causing me to balk in more strange sensations. They’re so sensitive and her breasts are so soft on my chest. Her chest.

“Our chest,” she grins.

I begin to notice I’m floating even closer to her now. I glance down as my spirit crotch is floating above hers. She reaches up as if to jerk off an invisible penis and we both moan in pleasure. She can feel the connection to my body and in response I can feel a moistness between our legs. She licks her fingers and puts a hand between her legs again, her thighs clamping tightly around her hand, accustoming me to this young woman’s pleasure. I see her puckering and can feel skin against my lips. The skin of my wife’s back. Across the country, Emily is kissing my wife through me.

“Oh, I’ve had such a crush on your wife since I stayed with you!” coos Emily keeping me off balance as she continues to rub her moist slit, “and I can’t wait to find out what it’s like to be with her! These little teases are so hot but so cruel! You could enjoy my body too! You don’t need to be all freaked out by this! You’ll get your body back at some point! I’m not going to steal your life or anything! Just a quick few days of sexy times with a mature woman!”

My Wendy is a gorgeous woman. Always has been. She’s a real MILF. Am I wondering why I said that? It’s probably because our souls are so crossed over now I can barely tell where I end and he begins. As my spirit spasms back and forth I can feel my soul filling Emily’s body, with the sensation of my slender young fingers. Emily gives a great, deep, hearty laugh in her echoing male voice, but I’m too distracted about keeping my fingers massaging in circles. My bare ass scrapes across the sheets as my soul hips sit down in to physical real ones, as the pleasure of my feminine mound continues to build.

“Oh! Keep going!” Emily cries, “almost there!”

There is a faint brush against my chest but it’s gone. Wendy is waking up. I can’t feel it, but somehow I know it. Emily’s voice is almost silent but I can hear a squishing noise. Kissing. Emily must be kissing her wife. Why did I call her “her” wife? Wendy is my wife! I’m having my body stolen!

The cold air hits me and I’m panting. In the dark it takes me a moment to realize I’m awake. I stare at the roof, too afraid to turn on a light but there is no body warmth near me. I turn over looking for a light, but in the darkness I feel the weight on my chest shift as I heave it across, sensitive erect nipples grazing across the sheets, egging on what feels like a gush of moisture between my legs. The light finally comes on and I see my dainty painted nails, causing me to gasp in a familiar female voice. I’m her. She did it. I pull the hair from my face and look down at the body of a naked woman. The sheets are askew from my tossing and turning. Upon closer inspection, my hand is still covered in Emily’s slick juices a familiar smell to these nostrils but not me. As I run my hands over this strange new body of mine, I realize it was no dream. That as I come to this realization, the real Emily is out there, inside my body, screwing my wife.

I lie there, frustrated and scared, but then another feeling becomes more prominent. An ache between my legs tells me that I’m not done. I recall what Emily said about enjoying her body too, and I grasp both her breasts feeling their heft first hand for the first time and loving the sensations it courses through my body. It’s begging me to finish what I started.


  1. Very well done slow body-swap/theft story!

    1. Thanks! I really dug slowing down the pace to do it. It's something I'll play with in future.