Tuesday 7 April 2020

Whose Plan?

Quarantine Bonus Stories

I'm not sure if anyone who frequents here, also frequents the body swapping reddit page (link), but I've just discovered it, and if you're posting on there, great job. I'm loving being a spectator on your stories and RP's.

I've been inspired by the Quarantine/Lockdown based stuff on there (and really I wanted to make a little comment on it anyway) so I thought I'd write two short stories between shifts.

Story One: Dancing Around

Who could have predicted things would come to this when my wife wanted to sign up for ballroom dancing? I always had two left feet, but my wife, Victoria, was really keen to give it a shot. That's when our daughter's friend - Becky, suggested a solution: I swap bodies with her. She could combine her dancing skills with my body and help my wife win a bunch of competitions. 

A year later, we were going to need more space for all the trophies Victoria and Becky had won together. The swapping was weekly, so instead of constantly going to the bad part of town for new swap drugs, we ended up investing in a body swapping totem that Becky and I would touch to swap between our lives. 

The physical touch element of the totem never seemed to be an issue, until the COVID-19 lockdown was called! It's the end of the first week stuck in Becky's apartment, and I'm very concerned about what Victoria and Becky are up to at my home. I had to admit I was becoming jealous of their growing bond, but she was making Victoria so happy, I gave them permission to go down on each other for stress relief before competitions, but a week at home together, with their chemistry? I didn't like the sound of that.

The last time I was on the phone to Victoria, she seemed very distracted, unable to follow the conversation and then I realized Becky in my body had gone very quiet too. What were those two doing without me there, and once this is over, what am I going back to?

Story Two: Stopped In Your Tracks

ATTENTION ALL BODY SWAPPERS! ATTENTION ALL ILLEGAL BODY SWAPPERS! This is Police Captain Reggie Walters! It has come to the attention of the Department of Soul Exchange's attention that people are using the quarantine as a chance to steal the bodies of unwilling victims who cannot defend themselves due to the lockdown protocols. 

Reports are coming in from people of all ages who have had their bodies hijacked while being unable to leave their new location for fear of infection and breaking the law. If you are one of these rogue swappers: we will find you and we will stop you. Our department is working tirelessly to bring each of you to justice. This was not acceptable before the corona outbreak and it's certainly not acceptable now.

Just know I will come down on you with...with the full... full force of the ... law... sorry... my head's feeling... OH NO. NO! NOOOOOO!

Who the...? Where am I? That was a body swapping spell! Is this...is this a teenage girl's room? NO! AM I A TEENAGE GIRL? I knew the swapping community was growing more powerful but to steal MY body? To put me in this petite...horny... body? CURSE YOU SWAPPERS!

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Student Surrogate (7 of 7)

I could honestly keep going and going with this story, but for now, let's say this is the end of "Season One", because I'd like to get back to Vince and Samantha at some point.