Sunday, 4 March 2018

Permission 2


  1. Little did he know that Casey and Amy arranged the swap. Casey always wanted to fool around with Amy's body and the idea of her big strong boyfriend in Amy's hot little body made her intensely wet. Meanwhile across town Amy had met up with Kelly, her former roommate from college, and was already balls deep in Kelly's tight little pussy.

    1. So, without his knowing, permission had been given on Casey's part. Or rather, at least at the start. While Casey spent the rest of the week enjoying watching her boyfriend wax and wane between sexual ecstasy and extreme concern about the whereabouts of his real body.

      It was when Saturday rolled around and Amy hadn't shown up for the reversal like she and Casey had agreed, that the couple were both worried. Between rounds on their first night together - Amy and Kelly knew they needed more time, and thus booked a holiday far, far away. Plus, Kelly always wanted to try and steal Casey's boyfriend...