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The Gallery

The Slow Swap (Short Story)

This is the night I’ve been after. Tucked under the covers with my arms wrapped around my beautiful wife. I’m spent but satisfied, my waning erection nestled between her plump cheeks, as I drift off. My eye lids grow heavier and heavier as the warmth of being curled up in bed begins to overwhelm me. The world around me fading from sensation as the darkness of rest creeps in. The lights of whatever dreams may be coming begins to appear, swirls of pinks, aquas and violets, but this time it’s different. There is a white piercing light that begins to fill everything as the warmth continues to grow hotter. I go to move, to roll over in bed or something but I feel nothing. I try to budge but nothing is working. I grit my teeth and muster all my strength and give one final effort to free myself from the searing heat. I feel like I’ve been flung out of the bed and through the wall with great force, as lights speed around me, and I’m hurtling through space. For a brief moment of lucidity, I remember that I must be asleep, and this must be a strange dream.

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Morning With Reagan (A Short Story)

I hoped that shutting my eyes would help. That somehow I would open them and things would be back to normal. Sadly, I’m wrong. I look down at my body spread out on a bed not my own. Hair covers my thick muscular legs and a large, soft penis rests down against my left thigh. This is not the teenage girl I was yesterday. I want to reach out and touch myself, but these new fingers of mine just feel strange and swollen – so much thicker than my real hands.

I’m so absorbed in my own thoughts, it takes me a moment to register that I’m not alone. A woman in a pale pink satin robe is gazing at me with equal parts lust and uncertainty. I know she’s got nothing on underneath the robe, as she threw it on after I freaked out a few minutes ago. Her name is Reagan, and she’s my best friend’s mother, but this new body of mine is seeing her in a very different way. A part of me wishes I hadn’t pushed her off me when I found myself here in this man’s body. The slurping noise was the first thing I heard, then the sensation coming through my crotch. Looking down and seeing Reagan wide eyed, gazing up at me with those thick lips wrapped around a cock that was somehow mine. As good as it felt, I still freaked out and pulled her off my dick, the suction of her mouth gripping to every ridge of my manhood as I tore her away.

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