Thursday, 3 May 2018

Exactly What She Wanted


  1. The panic looked on Darren's face from her body as the bedroom door closed was something she was still picturing lying in bed that night listening to the whimpers, moans and squeaks she was hearing through the wall. Darren's cock rock hard in her hand as she stroked it until explosion while enjoying the sounds imagining the scene in the bedroom with Darren on the receiving end of his brother's cock. However the next morning she quickly regretted the decision of hiding the reverse spell being shaken awake by her smiling face.

    "So did you like hearing the noises through the wall I know from experience you can hear everything in here. I bet you can tell how much fun I had. I'm now regretting all those times I swapped back and listened to you being on the receiving end. Well those times are over, I'm taking over your life and body permanently. I'm now your brother's girlfriend and your his younger brother Darren."

    "Very funny" even though she loved the thought of Darren being her, permanently was not exactly what she had in mind

    "Do you see me laughing Darren. This body belongs to me every inch of it" she watched him run his hands up her body stopping at her breasts caressing them. "Do you like what you see? Does this make you hard? You wanting in this body so badly, to have these breasts and pussy as your own. So jealous of me and what I have and so jealous of your brother and of the noises of us coming from through this wall. Go ahead pull out that cock of yours, you know your going to the second I leave your room.

    "Darren please" she begged as her cock grew in her boxers luckily hidden underneath the covers.

    "Darren, do I look like Darren? Or do I look like a better sexier more seductive version of you whose a more loving, passionate and lustful girlfriend then you ever were. So go ahead get ready to whip it out I'll leave you to your own fun pumping away to me. Just think you might be best man at your own wedding or uncle Darren to the baby growing inside of me from your brother's seed planted deep inside of me. How would you like that she watched Darren grin before turning and leaving the bedroom. It was so embarrassing but she couldn't help it tossing aside the covers pulling down her boxers and grabbing Darren's cock.