Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Zachypoo Finale


  1. WOW! what finish to a wow story. I think Evie really almost did deserve what happend to her. I hope the new evie is helping the prod with her lectures. Alost I htink it wold be too ironic * funny if the new Evie & ack became a serious coupld. I love that she says at the end 'then you could be muy Zackepoo"

    1. Yeah Evie almost deserved it (although Faye definitely had her own selfish motives). That being said, there's not guarantee that Evie's not going to get up to any mischief. It'd be an interesting choice for Zach.

  2. Thanks for the caption series. A real favorite. No I see the new PROF Faye kinda of pulling herself together & getting revenge on the new Evie & also trying to blackmail or guilt trip Zack into a realintship.