Thursday, 31 January 2019

Court Off Guard 2


  1. WOW! talk about rubbing it in. great continuation! I wonder how they do as each other the comming week & IF the new Saul even makes the best of course with HIS new powerful body & the skills Mia has learned I wonder if the new woman even has mutch of a chance?

  2. I really like this series. It would have been funny if Mia told Saul:

    "Look, the spell is still active. Every time we play tennis, the winner gets the male body, unless one of us tells anyone about the spell or swapping bodies. If that happens the spell is broken and we remain in our current bodies. Then we'd have to go looking for another spell to switch us back. Just go with it and you'll be back in your manly form before you know it. Besides, you might even discover that you enjoy my body, it looks pretty good from here."

    That would give Saul some motivation to play along.