Friday, 22 February 2019

Fixing The Family

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  1. "Daddy's to worried about ending up trapped in your body to have that on his mind. Except what he doesn't realize is that your occupying my body, I pretended to be you trapped as him" Veronica stated.

    "Why?" Shelly questioned

    "Because looking at you in my body and seeing what you were willing to do, maybe there is something I'd be willing to do besides get a divorce" Veronica replied. "Let me go see how your father is coming with a solution"

    Veronica left the master bedroom smiling as she went to the bathroom door and spoke, "It's me" the door opened "Mom's waiting and she's willing to do anything to save your marriage"

    "That doesn't sound like your mom"

    "Trust me she's waiting, how's my boyfriend is my relationship over?"

    "No I told him I wasn't feeling well and needed a minute and he bought it, on the positive side he did help me figure out the spell."

    "Well let's try it, get us back to normal" Veronica spoke towering over her husband who occupied their daughter's body.

    "Here let's hold hands, close our eyes and make a wish as I say the spell" They did just that thankfully finding themselves returned to their rightful body at least that is what her husband thought looking down upon her.

    "Well thanks for the help sweetie, and don't stay up to late studying, and if you hear any noises it's just your parents saving their marriage"

    "Yuck dad" Veronica replied

    As the dad shrugged his shoulders before leaving the bathroom heading for the master bedroom. Where his eyes instantly opened wide at the sight of his wife the second he entered the bedroom, his daughter was right his wife was waiting for him, smiling from ear to ear spread eagle with her pussy on full display.

    Meanwhile Shelly seeing the reaction on her father's face, knew it was no longer her mom occupying that body instead it was her father. Who wouldn't see her as his daughter, Shelly, but just as his wife Veronica. It was what she wished to make amends and save her parent's marriage only know her mother had the same idea. Seeing his growing bulge beneath his boxer briefs was all the proof she needed as he made his way across the room to the bed, her eyes never leaving her father's bulge that seemed so much bigger then her boyfriends. Without saying a word her father crawled into bed, were husband and wife made love into all hours of the night