Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Do Everything I Would

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  1. Oh, that is just wicked. This would make a great extended story if things went wrong. Like say, while Carly and Sophie are busy in the bedroom, Kelly, (Carly's BFF who doesn't know about the swap) drops by and tells Randy they are supposed to go to the beach. Randy and Kelly go into the house, don't see Sophie and Carly, leave a note and then take Kelly's car to the beach. The beach party is pretty wild, Randy get's drunk, allows his new female hormones to get the best of him and ends up in bed with Carly's long time crush.

    Meanwhile, Carly and Sophie finish and Sophie goes home only to find out that her Grandmother just passed away and the family is rushing to get everything together for a trip out of state. She sends a text to Carly's phone, telling her that she'll see Carly when she gets back.

    Now Carly and Randy are stuck for a week as each other. Randy and his wife Amanda are divorced and it's Carly's week to stay with Amanda and her new husband so Randy-as-Carly has to go live with his ex. He also has to tell Carly about the woman he's been dating. A hot Latina (named Maria) who is a tiger in bed, he warns her just to pretend to be too busy to see her. Of course, Carly, having experienced her new manhood with Sophie decides to sleep with Maria.

    By the end of the week Carly doesn't want to give up her new male body. Sophie is perfectly happy to have the occasional, hot night with Carly, and Carly has discovered that in Randy's body she can seduce just about any single woman.

    Randy on the other hand is struggling with being a teenage girl. He regrets sleeping with Chad and tries to find off his advances. He discovers Carly was failing several classes so he starts working to bring up her grades. His ex notices what a good job he's doing with school, how he doesn't fight with her all the time (over clothes, trying to go out and party, dating . . . ) but shows her respect, and comments that she is finally the daughter that Amanda has always wanted.

    lol - I might have gotten a little carried away.