Wednesday, 27 November 2019

One Last Dream


  1. Like the cap very much! At least she is giving him advance warning, even if her plan is positively wicked. ;) "After, I'm heading over to your dorm, to spoon your sleeping body." Heee, what a cold way to break up with him so that she can date Marcy in his body!

    Um, MostlySwap (because I'm not sure how to address you), I'd hate to impose, but I'm a big fan of your caption creations, and I wonder if you might possibly visit my caption blog and grant me the honor of adding me to your "Blogs I Like" corner? I started my own little (mostly Asian-themed) caption blog in 2017 after the old OTGC died and was one of the starting members of the new Open TG Caption blog and its chat group. I also share your affection for captioners like Marti, Erica, Insomniac, and Carly, whom I consider friends and inspirations, much like yourself. ^^

    Please don't feel pressured to add me, but if you would consider it, I'd be much obliged. My site is "Karen's flashes"--

    Thank you, and may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


    1. Hey! I totally intended to add you to my blogroll after the last series of replies and forgot! Fixed now! c:

    2. Thanks, you are so sweet! ^^ Deeply honored to be included. Happy holidays to you and yours! -k

    3. dear mostlyswap can u do a follow part to Begin Stream from the two girls side thanks