Monday 19 February 2024

Deserving Anniversary



  1. Awesome story and caption. Hope it goes well for all of them lol.

  2. Love it!!! So Great!!!

    Of course, he noticed he just pretended not to notice them sneaking away and ignored those unmistakable sounds coming from his parents' bedroom often with his earphones. He just couldn't believe they thought that he was that unaware but not being on the other side of the bedroom maybe they didn't have an idea how thin the walls actually were. It's just his dad deserved a little fun after a hard day of work and the noises that could be heard, if it was if it was anyone but his parents, they were rather impressive. Which is why he figured what harm could it do to act that naive about their little fun. Now he was regretting it and what made it worse was knowing exactly how much could be heard on the other side of the bedroom.