Tuesday 19 March 2024

Falling Loose


  1. WOOW! what a switch. very sexy story

  2. Amazing story! One of your best :D

  3. Wow, crazy hot story. Well done.

  4. This is one of your best works so far, I love the astral tag, too bad that very few caption sites or artists really exploit the potential on soul play or whatever it is called when it involves the spirits in ways like this, be it astral or just classic souls going around and stuff. Be it possesion or body swapping, it is a great addition to a story.

    Not in a position to ask this but, please, do more with the astral tag!, this one is too good. Maybe even meditation/astral too.

    If not, I understand why and I fully respect your work as it is.

    1. I love writing the Astral stuff too! I don't use it super often because I usually wait until I've got an idea that makes it different from the other Astral caps. I think doing astral caps like this adds an extra level of feeling to the swap when they "enter" a new body.