Monday, 19 November 2018

Strange Arrangement


  1. LOL Good story. I wonder if the mom & the girl get vvarried away?

    You might want to consider using easier to read & darker fonts.

    1. I wonder if Grace might also have feelings for the guy - and that's why she's extra frustrated to have her mother in that body. Frustration does make people do silly things...

      Yeah. I'll be fixing the font in future caps - thicker white outline and probably a bolder font.

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    1. I don’t think Helen would want to swap back. I would love to see this cap continued

    2. I'd love to do a continuation, but if I don't get time to write a full follow up caption, I'll give you this...

      Given that it's been 2 years since we last checked in with Helen, Grace and Jimmy, and it hasn't been easy on poor Jimmy. It's their senior year at high school, and given that he's still saving for college - Helen's been enjoying most of the social aspects of his last year of school.

      Grace isn't sure if Jimmy knows, but she did hook up with her mother in Jimmy's body on 3 occasions before the creep factor got the better of her. It still grosses her out that her mother is still in the top 5 guys who have pleasured her.

      Addicted to the chance to be young again, Helen is still anxious about what happens once Jimmy graduates - she could cope with his high school classes, but she was a college drop out. Being unable to attend classes as him would limit her time in his body, but on the other hand - the parties would be even wilder!

      When prom night rolls around, Jimmy still hadn't had the guts to ask Grace out, despite all the money he saved to take her out. To rub salt in the wounds, Helen volunteered to chaperone the prom BUT swapped with him at the last minute! As Jimmy watches his body having all the fun, he sighs, wondering if he's lost the best years of his life, and lost the girl.

      His classmate - Harry's father comes over bringing him a glass of punch, and Jimmy isn't in the mood to flirt with another guy. He tries to brush him off until the man grabs him by the arm.

      "Jimmy. It's me. Grace," he says, "I know our lives are just totally fucked up, so what's one more weird thing? I don't know what's going to happen next but I knew I didn't want to spend prom night with anyone other than you. No matter which body you were in."

      On the day that Grace leaves for college, she notices her mother is oddly calm. She has no idea that Helen has done the maths, and Grace's younger sister is now the same age Jimmy was when Helen started swapping with him. Plus she has a few male friends who she's sure could use the extra cash...