Saturday, 11 May 2019

Now You Know


  1. DOUBBLE WOW! demic story. What an evil woman & so casual about it. I like it whren she sends himto her body so she can enjoy sexwithout hi interfering. I swap ro time to time? Or maybewonder what she means bby tLKING OVER AN Great nightmarish storyARRANGEMENNT LATER? A swap from time to time? Maybe even a parentmnt swap?

  2. FYI I've decided to write a story idea I got from your mom/son swap involving comic con where the om falls in love with a hot chick she met there as him I hopee you will like it. Iwill eventually put it on Fictionmania

    1. Cool! Just give me a heads up when the story goes up.

  3. This is just... wow... just wow... I need more of this in my life...

  4. I like the slow build to this one. That over time he's becoming more adjusted to swaping.