Saturday, 7 March 2020

Four Levels Ago


  1. Could you make the story on their first Swap?

    1. I'll consider it. It's definitely a story I'd like to get back to.

    2. Linda poked her head out of the bathroom before darting across the hall in to her daughter's bedroom. She just wanted to borrow a bit of makeup to make tonight special for her husband. Things hadn't been going so well between them lately, and he had accused her of being too involved in their son's life - at the cost of their own relationship.

      As she looked for some eye shadow she found an unmarked tin of powder and brushed some on her face to try it. It tingled in a strange way. As she ran back across the hall to the bathroom suddenly she ran in to someone! Boom! It was Gary - her son's friend, and the two went down like a ton of bricks.

      Upon waking up in Gary's body, and seeing her own body still passed out, she had a choice, and she knew she was making the wrong one. Part of her wanted to try and reverse the swap, but this was a unique opportunity to spend time with her son! Relishing the strength of Gary's body, she laid him down on her bed and finishing dolling him up.

      The night of gaming, pizza and soda was so fun that by the time Linda noticed the sound of screaming, followed by squealing and moaning coming from her bedroom, she didn't feel any guilt at all. It was a good thing she and Jimmy were yelling too loud to hear the real Gary getting pleasured by Jimmy's dad.

      Having worked out what the powder was, and how to swap back, Linda felt safe knowing she wasn't stealing Gary's body, but she was sure this wouldn't be the last time she did this.

      Outside, a teen girl - Jimmy's sister, crept up, trying to sneak in to her bedroom window, when she heard the sound of two people making the beast with two backs and her eyes grew wide. "No way," Jimmy's dad said from inside his temporary body which he used to go partying, "is she screwing her own mother?!"

  2. Funny thing Linda and Gary did not know was swapping with the same person more than ten times made the link permanent or getting pregnant would do that also and Gary had done both.