Friday, 6 March 2020

Mommy's a Meddler


  1. Mom was worried and she needs to be because Rachel always knew and wanted to be older and a man she tricked her mom and now having sex with Chris's new woman proved the point. Jill tried to call Chris's cell after Chris and the hunky guy walked away to his truck, she got no answer. Jill drove to Chris's apartment she let herself in with her key and found Rachel still balls deep in the woman Chris told her about. After Rachel unloaded and the woman went to the bathroom to shower Rachel in Chris's body walk into the living room and sat down only in a robe. Lit a cigarette and said "So what's up mom" Jill just lost it started to cry and yell at Rachel now in Chris body. The new Chris said you can stop right their mom I'm staying in this body and Chris will want to stay in my body after he has sex. I have already told my girlfriend seeing it is Mary's older sister and me and her were having a lesbian affair and she told me she loved me but wanted a more traditional love partner and I told her I would try it out for her. Chris never told you this is out third swap and as it turns out this will be the last time seeing I love being a man and being my older brother is at least keeping the swap int he family.

    1. With the revelation of Rachel wishing to stay in Chris' body, all Chris could do was rub salt in Jill's wounds, saying "well 1 more year until I go to college, and considering you know what I was like the first time around, wait until you see what happens when I go back as a girl!!"