Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Lazy Neighbor


  1. wickedlly funny! Poor kid. Howlong does shekeep hisbody?

    1. She doesn't keep his body for too long - she knows that Craig cums after a max of 5 minutes and falls asleep on top of her. She doesn't do much better in Jarrod's body as seeing Nancy's bare c-cups and her fingers on her borrowed cock is enough to introduce her to manhood.

      After, she waits for the noises of sex coming from her house to end - and a lot longer than she expects them to go, before she swaps back, finding herself still underneath her hubby, but glowing with what must have been a great nightly session.

      Needing a cold shower after this, Jarrod fights back the feeling that he WANTED to stay and be cuddled for a little bit longer. Lucky/unluckily for him, this won't be the first time Wanda makes him service Craig.