Sunday, 22 March 2020

Helicopter Mess


  1. How is Sam dealing with Maggie's body

    1. I think Maggie's side of the story is more interesting, but for Sam it starts with him sitting on the Maggie's bed, stunned to actually be in her body, but at the same time not surprised at all that she would resort to this. This was the same mother who had actually followed the bus to school camp and "discretely" camped nearby to make sure Mike was ok.

      All the guys at school used to call her a MILF but actually knowing her and her personality, Sam never found Maggie attractive, until now, staring at himself in the mirror and realizing that when this face and body aren't being an overbearing parent, Maggie has aged very well.

      Like most TG stories - he's caught trying on lingerie by her husband and they screw - hubby LOVING that they're finally taking advantage of Mike being at college and having the house to themselves. Naked, sweaty and lying underneath Mike's dad on the kitchen floor, Sam wonders if he can convince Maggie to spy on her son more often. In the past few hours he hasn't even thought about that silly bitch, Britney.

  2. I wonder that, too. Very erotic story of passion & mystery